Course Objective

To provide the students understanding of concepts, tools and techniques of HR Analytics that could be applied to make human resource management evidence based.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Describe the importance and potential uses of HR Analytics in measuring human resources and how it drives an organization’s performance
  2. Analyze HR data from a practical perspective and determine what analytic techniques to apply based on the business context
  3. Employ measurement and analytical techniques around intangibles and identify ways to benchmark  performance and create standards
  4. Learn how to create meaningful HR reports
  5. Learn how to use predictive modeling techniques
  6. learn how to measure and forecast budget numbers for HR costs
  7. Demonstrate how to connect HR results to business results
  8. Discuss how to prove whether an HR program obtained its intended results

Detailed Syllabus

Introduction to HR Analytics: Evolution of HR Analytics; HR Metrics and HR Analytics; Intuition versus analytical thinking; HRMS/HRIS and data sources; Analytics frameworks like LAMP, HCM:21(r) Model.

Creating business understanding for HR initiatives: Workforce segmentation and search for critical job roles; Statistical driver analysis – association and causation; Linking HR measures to business results; choosing the right measures for scorecards; Identifying and using key HR Metrics

Forecasting budget numbers for HR costs: Workforce planning including internal mobility and career pathing; training and development requirement forecasting and measuring the value and results of improvement initiatives; optimizing selection and promotion decisions

Predictive modeling in HR: Employee retention and turnover; workforce productivity and performance; scenario planning

Communicating with data and visuals: Data requirements; identifying data needs and gathering data; HR data quality, validity and consistency; Using historical data; Data exploration; Data visualization; Association between variables; Insights from reports; Root cause analysis of HR issues.