We take up projects in the areas of finance, marketing, supply chain and operations, HR and IT which needs analytical solutions.

We undertake tasks on data analysis, model building and forecasting as part of customized solutions.

We also provide evaluation and assessment on HR programs and processes.

Business Research

We undertake research projects on critical business areas.

Specifically, we take up projects in the area of:

  • Customer expectation/satisfaction surveys
  • Customer segmentation
  • Product placement
  • Product pricing
  • Assessment of advertisement and promotion programs
  • Sales force optimization

We also undertake projects on:

  • Credit risk evaluation
  • Financial markets
  • Supply chain optimization
  • Training and development evaluation
  • HR intervention evaluation
  • Macroeconomic research

Academic Research

We provide guidance on research methodology and statistical techniques for higher academic research (M.Phil. and Ph.D.) and funded projects from government and non government organizations.